Our puppies are rarely available, reservations are always required.


At Roy Hill, it is not about mass-producing puppies.  It is about preservation, breeding healthy, quality representatives of the breed and placing the pups (that I don't keep) in loving permanent homes. Our puppies/dogs excel in the show ring but excel most as companions in the hearts and lives of the people who love them.  It's a family life, born in the bedroom and raised with tender loving care.

Export enquiries are welcome but personal pick up only. No pet transporter, unless direct travel


BREEDING PLANNED: Summer/Autumn 2020,  this will be Stars 3rd and final litter

Sire: BBISS/Thai / Dutch/ Rom/ Cro/ It.Ch.Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti EUJW'14, JW'14, W'14, Zagreb W'17 (Imp.Thailand) 

Dam: Thai/Dutch Ch. A&T Hobby Star (Imp.Thailand) (Star)



BREEDING PLANNED: Autumn/Winter 2020,  

Sire: Dutch Ch. Roy Hill's Mamba, JW'16, W'19

Dam: BPIS/BPISS/Thai Ch. Bangkaew Lannna's Honey  (Imp.Thailand) 



LITTER BORN: November 7, 2019, Honey was bred in Thailand before coming over to Europe 

(All reserved)

2 bitches and 3 dogs

Sire: MBIS/MBISS/Thai Grand Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Peet Lanna ( The Nr1 Thai Bangkaew Dog in Thailand)

Dam: BPIS/BPISS/Thai Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Honey ( Imp. Thailand)

3 Dogs: Roy Hill's Splash The Cash, Roy Hill's King Of Diamonds, Roy Hill's Give Me A Copper

2 Bitches: Roy Hill's Million Dollar Diamond, Roy Hill's Million Dollar Baby


LITTER BORN: August 21st 2019, for this exciting breeding we flew to Thailand 

(All reserved)

(2 dogs and 1 bitch)

Sire: BIS/BISS Thai/Nor/Ch  Laithai EUW'15 (residing in Thailand)

Dam: Dutch Ch Roy Hill's White Lily JW'16, NJK, BWNL'18. (Joint N1 Thai Bangkaew in the BeNeLux'18). HDA


2 dogs: Roy Hill's Made In Bangkok, Roy Hill's Da Real Thai

1 bitch: Roy Hill's Thai Silk


LITTER BORN: 5th of January 2019

(All reserved)

(6 dogs and 2 bitches)

Sire: BBISS/Thai / Dutch/ Rom/ Cro/ It.Ch.Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti EUJW'14, JW'14, W'14, Zagreb W'17 (Imp.Thailand) (Graffiti)

Dam: Thai/Dutch.Ch. A&T Hobby Star (Imp.Thailand) (Star)


6 dogs:

Roy Hill's Outlander, Roy Hill's Ink Master, Roy Hill's Starman, Roy Hill's Milkyway Pirate, Roy Hill's Milkyway Man, Roy Hill's Wolfstar

2 bitches:
Roy Hill's Star Ruby, Roy Hill's North Star

Both parents health tested with eyes PRA clear, HDA

It's been 3 1/2 years, and, I'm delighted with Stars 2nd  litter



LITTER BORN: at ROY HILL kennel 26 June 2015

(All reserved)


Sire: Thai/Multi.Ch. Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti, EUJW'14,JW'14,W'14 (Imp.Thailand)

Dam: Thai Ch.A&T Hobby Star (Imp.Thailand)

3 Dogs, Roy Hill's Mamba, Roy Hill's Viper, Roy Hill's Cobra

6 Bitches, Roy Hill's Mystic Lotus, Roy Hill's White Lotus, Roy Hill's Miss Siam , Roy Hill's Lotus Blossom, Roy Hill's Lotus Flower, Roy Hill's White Lily