BBISS/Thai/Dutch/Multi Ch Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti (Imp.Thailand)

  • HD A/A
  • ECVO Eyes clear
  • Thailand Champion
  • Dutch Champion
  • Romanian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Italian Champion
  • Zagreb Winner '17
  • Czech Junior Champion
  • European Junior Winner'14
  • Czech Club Junior Winner
  • Slovakian Cup Winner'14
  • Nitra Junior Winner'14
  • Amsterdam Junior Winner'14
  • Amsterdam Winner'14
  • Best Baby in Show Specialty Thailand
  • Royal Princess Cup Winner 


I'm delighted to introduce my foundation male, bred from a Top producing line, he is the son of BISS Thai Ch Funnoi and dam is the litter sister to triple WW BIS/BISS.Thai Grand Ch/Multi Ch Hero,  selected as a puppy he grew up to win the Royal Cup Trophy for Best Baby In Show Specialty and won multiple Best Puppy In Breed, Best of Winner awards in Thailand.

Graffiti has a fun temperament, very naughty when younger, now calmer more dignified. My shadow, he loves to play with his ball or rope but most of all he loves to be hugged, A typical Thai Bangkaew Dog he tends to play rough and won't hesitate to defend his family.


Although not a lover of the show ring, he is a proven sire of Champions and much-loved companions.


Special thank you to his breeder  Mr Phinit and handler Sagulchai

Graffiti is owner/handled and professionally presented  



Roy Hill's Mamba JW'16

  • Amsterdam Junior Winner'16
  • Joint No 2 Top Thai Bangkaew Dog in The BeNeLux'18


Mamba is my boy, retained from Star and Graffiti their first litter. He's a kind and sensitive soul and will touch my face gently with his paw or sit up in a begging position to get my attention. Mamba is your typical Thai Bangkaew Dog reserved with strangers until he gets to know them.

Mamba has a very good nose and can find even the smallest crumb under the sofa. He has figured out how to open doors and can jump very high from a standstill, is also a very keen landscape gardener but most of all he loves to just snuggle up on my lap.


Mamba is a striking individual and has only been very lightly shown to date.

Now waiting for his coat to return before completing his Dutch Championship title.


Always owner/breeder/handled 


Roy Hill's Ink Master

The baby of the boys and looking forward to his first show later in the year

Ink retained from Stars 2nd and last litter to Graffiti, this breeding was repeated because Mamba was the only intact male to continue the line, and I was delighted with the quality produced from the Graffiti and Star combination, a match made in heaven.



Thai/Dutch Ch A&T Hobby Star (Imp.Thailand)

  • ECVO Eyes good. PRA clear
  • Hips-Good
  • Thailand Champion
  • Dutch Champion
  • Group winner.Thailand
  • Res.Best Puppy in Show.Thailand


Star is my foundation female selected as a puppy. A daughter of BIS/BISS Thai Ch Yokthai, she's a multiple Best Puppy in Breed, Group and Res.Best Puppy in Show winner in Thailand.
Star has a wonderful sweet temperament and especially adores children, loves to play with other dogs or just run at the beach, she is also our Houdini and will break out of anything. 


A wonderful showgirl and a multiple Champion producer my dream come true. 

Special thank you to her breeder Mr Tew


Star is owner/handled and professionally presented 



Dutch Ch Roy Hill's White Lily JW'16, NJK, BWNL'18

  • HD A/A
  • Dutch Champion
  • Dutch Junior Champion
  • Benelux Winner,NL'18
  • Amsterdam Junior Winner'16
  • Joint No 1 Top Thai Bangkaew Dog in The BeNeLux'18 


Lily is a special girl, and she knows it. 

Lily was retained from Star and Graffiti their first litter, she loves playing with her brother Mamba, and getting up to mischief together, a delight to live with very affectionate and playful a typical Thai Bangkaew Dog in temperament, reserved with strangers until she gets to know them. 

Lily wakes me up in the morning by laying on my chest, and puts her paws around my neck and then licks vigorously any part of my face that isn't covered... she is the house police and makes sure everybody behaves.


Due to my health problems, sadly this beautiful girl with lovely construction and movement  has only been sporadically shown having had to miss most shows entered, so I'm very proud of what she's achieved.


I'm looking forward to spring 2019 when Lily will travel with me to Thailand for breeding.  Exciting times ahead 

Always owner/breeder/handled 


BBIS/BBISS. Bangkaew Lanna's Sapphire (Imp.Thailand)

I waited a long time for this girl to be born and she sure was worth the wait. Sapphire is the daughter of BIS/BISS Thai/Nor Ch Lathai EUW'15, and is the full younger sibling of her big brother BIS/BISS Thai Ch Bangkaew Lanna's Peet Lanna. 

Sapphire, made her showing debut at 18 weeks old at The Royal Trophy Khon Kaen Dog Show 2019 winning 2 Royal Cup Trophies.

🎖️BEST BABY IN BREED🎖️ 🎖️BEST BABY IN GROUP🎖️ 🏆BEST BABY IN SHOW🏆 all breeds, and the next day she did it again



Special thank you to her breeder Mr Lek, the judges for selecting her and all involved

Feeling blessed